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Monitor Transaction Log Rollback

I recently had a situation where an index was being updated but the process hung in the middle of the job.  Apparently this isn’t all that far fetched since it appears it has happened to other folks out there (the internet is the best… I rarely have a NEW problem)… After stopping the query it […]

List of Databases

Back in April I posted a query that shows instance information.  This post is the next level down in the hierarchy that I collect on my database platforms each week…  The databases in an instance. This query is certainly one of the more straight forward queries to capture database data.  It probably doesn’t really need […]


How to Drop a TempDB Database File

Now The SQL Server tempDB is arguably the most important database in any installed instance.  A poorly configured tempdb will trump all the best efforts for design of good OLTP or datawarehouse systems. The standard recommendation is to have one tempdb database file for each CPU.  It’s also generally recognized that this rule of thumb […]