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Monitor Transaction Isolation Levels

As part of a performance improvement effort we decided to make sure our enterprise reporting tools are operating under the READ UNCOMMITTED transaction isolation level (ie., allow dirty reads).  While our reporting application experts were certain the tools were at the desired isolation level we decided to monitor the actual transactions just to be sure. […]

An unexpected honor…

The purpose of this blog, for the most part, is to provide me with a paper trail of technical SQL Server topics I feel are worth remembering.  Things that are easier for me to lookup later on and read my own explanation, if and when I need to re-learn the topic.  A secondary benefit is […]


Maintaining Accurate SQL Server Statistics in Small Maintenance Windows

The single most important component of the SQL Server product is the query optimizer. The SQL Server storage engine utilizes a cost-based optimizer to determine optimal query plans. The job of the optimizer is to determine an optimal plan that will result in exceptional performance. Note: An “optimal plan” is not necessarily the same as […]