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Optimizing Clustered Indexes for Data Warehouse Staging Tables

Most of my database experience over the past 15 years has been in data warehousing.  During this time the confusion about what to pick for table primary keys and more specifically, the clustered index, has either been hotly contested or, more typically, flat out ignored. By “ignored” I don’t mean the  primary key doesn’t exist.  […]

Manage File Space using DBCC SHOWFILESTATS

I recently had to allocate some new database files for an existing production database.  It can be confusing between File Groups, Files and the space available in each  group / file. The confusion is eliminated when running DBCC SHOWFILESTATS.  When concerned about available storage space left at the individual file level you’ll want to look […]



Last month I posted on how the location of the predicate can change the optimizer’s resulting query plan.  The post was inspired by an article by Itzik Ben-gan in SQL Server Magazine.  Another key take away from the article highlights the optimizer’s response to having an INNER JOIN that follows and OUTER JOIN. In this […]