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Atlanta SQL Saturday #41 from the Rear View Mirror

Just got back from the Atlanta SQL Saturday.  In this case the title is a literal and figurative one, since I just spent 4.5 hours looking at ATL from my car mirrors as I made the commute back to Charlotte. This was my second SQL Saturday event and once again I was not disappointed.  In […]

Composite Index vs. INCLUDE Covering Index

A simple question was posed today while giving a presentation on query plan analysis to colleagues at the office. What’s the difference between a composite (multi column) index and an INCLUDE covering index? At the time I was stumped.  Fortunately I don’t have any problem admitting I don’t know something… it happens all the time. […]


I had a situation happen at work today that I never would have guessed is possible.  But since it happened, it is possible. It’s all about how I used a synonym for a table in a DELETE statement. Since SYNONYMS are not commonly used, at least not in my circle of friends, I’ll take a […]


Google Search Technique

Now that my blog is beginning to take shape I find myself going there to get the details on ideas that I’ve posted.  There’s no easier explanation for a topic than in my own words, even if they are not as perfectly articulated as other places. Similarly, when working with T-SQL I often want to […]


Use dm_io_virtual_file_stats to Monitor tempdb

I’ve been watching some Webcasts by Ramesh Meyyappan at SQL Workshops on query performance tuning.  This guy is a wizard… inspiring. Many of his techniques, which he just does like second nature, may require someone to slow things down to really articulate what he does.  Sort of like watching an instant replay during a sports […]

Upgrading SQL Server 2008 Trial Version to Developer Edition

After six months of using SQL Server 2008 Trial, the party is finally over; my free trial has expired.  Unlike most trial software applications Microsoft does not present the user with a dialog box indicating that there are only X number of days remaining with the trial version.  The SQL Server service will just shutdown […]

Testing HASHING to Speed Up Queries on Strings Part II

The objective of my last post, Testing HASHING to Speed Up Queries on Strings Part I, was to demonstrate query lookup performance when querying hash columns instead of the original string value.  In my test I chose a small set of about 20,000 email addresses as the base test case. To recap the last post: […]