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Testing HASHING to Speed Up Queries on Strings Part I

It’s common knowledge that relational database engines do well indexing numeric data, particularly integer data.  String data is a little more tricky and tends to take longer to search / index. My original intent of this post was to simulate how the SQL Server storage engine might handle statistics on an index, in particular, a […]


Practical Use of the OUTPUT Clause

SQL Server 2005 introduced many new switches and features in T-SQL.  Often times new features are met with “Why would I need to do that?”.  The reality is that the SQL Server development team are not adding features for nothing. One of my favorites is the OUTPUT clause.  The OUTPUT clause can be used in […]

SQL Saturday #33, Charlotte, NC from the Rear View Mirror

I just wrapped up my first ever attendance at a SQL Saturday.  I was not disappointed.  But not only was I an attendee, but I was also a presenter (speaker) too. The event was held at the Microsoft campus in Charlotte.  The facility is first class and the principal organizers, Peter Shire and the management […]