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Database Properties

A couple of weeks ago a colleague asked me how to determine the recovery model of a database using T-SQL.  In other words, not using SSMS.  For the purpose of this post I’m going to show how to determine the recovery model for a database using SSMS, and then answer the presented question. The following […]

Finding Uncommitted Transactions

One way to find out if a transaction is causing a block is with the sp_who2 system stored procedure.  The scope of this procedure is server-wide.  It identifies all connections to the database, the login name, the application that is running, and in the context of locks and blocks, any SPIDs that are causing a […]



Late last Friday afternoon I was working on a database quality issue that had been challenging me all day.  Essentially I was looking for any distraction that would give the left side of my brain a break.  Along comes two database colleagues to my rescue… These two gents came up to me with a somewhat […]


Big SQL Fish Across the Big Pond

If you’re a SQL developer or dba working for a small company it’s pretty easy to become the big fish in the small pond.  But the downside is everything you learn is gained through the school of touch lessons.  You probably don’t have regular exposure to high end SQL expertise, so your knowledge will only […]