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sp_start_job Runs Asynchronously

Fix a bug… discover another…  Hence the birth of this post. I had a production SQL Agent job that called a sub-job using the sp_start_job system stored procedure (step 1).  The next step (step 2) involved a simple update of a configuration table date column. My assumption was that when step #1 finished, step #2 […]


Letters and Money in ISNUMERIC may return 1

A colleague over the weekend sent a note out to the team requesting any kind of insight.  It turns out that he had a job fail because an instance of the T-SQL ISNUMERIC built-in function behaved in an unexpected way. According to BoL: “ISNUMERIC returns 1 when the input expression evaluates to a valid numeric […]


Stuff You Have To Do vs. Stuff You Want To Do

I’m been bumping and grinding on a couple of data quality / cleansing jobs for so long I can barely remember when the last time was that I brought up an MSDN page to learn something new.  It’s just a matter of grinding out the various types of issues with the data. All jobs have […]